Activate Your Awesome!

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Engage in Your Best Life Now

An acorn is genetically engineered to become a mighty oak tree. Given the opportunity to grow and the right environment in which to flourish, an acorn automatically becomes what it was designed to be. Once it is activated, it does everything within its power to fully realize its potential and live its making. We humans are also genetically engineered for greatness, yet we are the only species on the planet that sabotages our own making.

This unrealized potential can get buried so deeply below our experiences, conditioning, hurts, obligations, hang-ups and lack of awareness, that we may not even realize that another reality is possible. Simply the mere suggestion or support from another is all it takes to activate our possibilities for a life-changing experience. Make a new decision, take action, change direction, meet new people, or learn a new talent. Whatever it takes to activate your awesome, ignite your shine and get you rolling, do it! (more…)

Living in the NOW

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“If you continue to live in the past, your life will be history.” –Corey Donaldson

Do you live in the NOW?  Congratulations if you have learned to live in in the moment and enjoy your life in the present.


Got An Idea? Write It Down!

Ah Ha!! The light bulb goes off in your head and you can see the light, where once there was total darkness.

Don’t you love when that happens? An AH HA moment provides an empowering awakening where you experience true understanding and clarity.  It enables you to shift your mindset to a new way of thinking and see things from a new perspective. (more…)

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